Newsletter 07/2001

ABM Interthene is one of the U.K.'s most experienced specialist extruded film embossers

Linen Effect Embossing     

In response to market demand and our desire to be at the forefront of the embossing industry, machinery is being commissioned in August to extend our embossed pattern range to include LINEN effect.

The advantages of this pattern include light embossing, without loss of embossed area, thereby improving adhesion/release properties, especially on thinner rubber substrates or where pattern-marking transfer can be detrimental to the customer's product.

Further market areas which may benefit are:   

Rubber calendaring and sheeting

Silicone release applications

Adhesive coatings

Again, this new pattern will compliment our existing range and will also be available as a specifically engineered product to customer requirements.

Should you wish to receive a sample of this material, or any other pattern, please contact either:

Edwin Ames or Kevin McDonald  at the numbers below

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